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With practical, updated and proven skills ‘Mathemagica’ will mentor students to solve their problems in much less time and more accurately than before by tapping on their areas of mental block.  
Learn these amazing techniques to make a substantial improvement in upcoming final examinations.

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Mathemagica course Modules

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Apart from mastering these tricks, we will be implementing them in questions from your textbook. Ex: Mensuration, CI, SI,etc

  • Addition & Subtraction (Yes there is something here too) 
  • How to remember tables of any 2 digit number.
  • Multiplication (General rule) 
  • Multiplication tricks for (2*1) 
  • Multiplication tricks for (2*2)
  • Multiplication tricks for (3*3). Special cases
  • Golden Numbers in Multiplication
  • Check My answer
  • Division tricks
  • Decimal play
  • LCM & HCF
  • Square and square root
  • Cube and cube root
  • And Many more…
  • What is Notes and Short Notes ?
  • How to prepare Short Notes for long term ?
  • How to plan revision ?
  • Best Memorizing techniques ?
  • How to remember answers for longer (4X) period ?
  •  Life Habits to accelerate the process ?
  • Bonus:
    How to Never forget known answer in Exam ?
  • How not to indulge in useless calculations (Examples from your text book).
  • Implementation of Module 1 concept.
  • How to cross-check quickly (to immprove accuracy) ?
  • And Many more…
  • How to read and understand a question simultaneously ?
  • How to plan paper?
  • How to save time ?
  • How to utilize saved time?
  • What not to do while writing answers in exams?
  • How to control exam anxiety ?


What is the date and time of sessions ?

Date:  (23,24,26,27)Dec / (2,3,5,6)Jan
Time: 11.00AM-12.00PM/ 12.30-1.30P.M
Class duration: 60-90min 
These are tentative schedule only. Final schedule will be fixed at mutual ease of each students. 

How can you improve my ward in just 4 sessions?

Module 1 can be finished in real time. But other modules  require a proper discipline in day to day practices. By following our step by step process , you can see transformation in just 3-4 weeks.

Will there be any asignments ?

Yes, Assignments will be given daily. Also, One final assignment will be given at the end of course. You can complete that in next week.

Is there any future assistance ?

Yes, you can reach anytime for any sort of academic assistance. Please choose  Whatsapp as preferred mode of communication.

What is the Batch Size ?

There can be maximum of 8 students in a batch. Due to small batch size, Each students will be given personal care. 

Course fee ?

After 75% discount, final course price is 1000 only. You can pay it online or via cash. Details for online payment will be shared in whatsapp.

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