Ninja Techniques to get the best out of Home Tutors

How to get the Most out of Home Tutors

These amazing tips will get you the best value of money, which you spend on private tuition. 

  1. Whenever results are bad, call the home tutor directly and teach them a lesson. It’s totally their fault, even though the child is spending 95% of their time with parents, school n others.
  2. Don’t motivate a child for self-study or practicing the works at home. Instead, shout at the teacher..why is he/she not finishing everything in the class itself?
    After all, what r u paying for?
  3. When exams come, ask the tutors to give free extra classes. That’s your right, you should never pay for it. It’s the free time of the teacher.
  4. Cancel classes whenever you want and ask the teacher to give a substitute class for it. The best way is to let them come to your house and then send them back saying “student ka mood nhi, aap plz kal manage kr do na”.
  5. Have a doctor’s appointment at class time or some health emergency?
    Don’t tell the teacher, let them come and give them a surprise.
  6. When he/she comes in the house, don’t offer water or anything. Instead, you may start having breakfast in the same area.
  7. When the tutor comes in the house, don’t start the class immediately. Let them wait and surprise them. And count time whenever the child arrives. The student may be coming from a different Country.
  8. Never have a discussion about child performance, works, and all. You can talk about it only after the results.
  9. If the teacher gives you some genuine negative feedback of the child. Say that, stop complaining about my child & work on your teaching instead.
  10. Keep calling the teacher at any time, he/she must respond immediately. Else, u must complain to us. They are absolutely not allowed for any other works in life.
  11. If some mistake happens with the teacher, don’t handle it maturely or respectfully. Use Slang, loud voice, or some bad words. It will put things permanently in his/her brain & won’t repeat it ever.
  12. Always threaten to cancel the tuition. It will make permanent fear in the tutor’s brain and she/he will never do anything wrong. Child will get the best out of these situations.
  13. If Payment is month-end, don’t pay in the last class of that month or first class of next month. Let them wait, until they ask u several times.
  14. If Payment is in advance, push it till the month-end or middle, if they don’t ask out of decency.
  15. If you are doing online classes, ask the teacher to collect money from home.
    Never pay online. Your 1-2minute is much important than his/her 30-60min.
  16. Whenever you pay the fee, say about the high fees and all. No matter how reasonable it is. Someday the teacher may say you to pay less from next month.
  17. Don’t pay reasonably as per the market rate. Bargain till the tuition fee matches the hourly rate of 4th-grade jobs. Don’t bargain for school fees, after all, they are the reason you have the luxury of private tuitions. 

Hoping it helps, please comment below if we missed something. 
Thanks 🙂

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