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Souryashree DasSouryashree Das
12:08 28 Nov 22
Got the Excellent Science tutor from Edook. I was in search for many weeks & took demo classes from other providers but none were up-to the mark. As promised by Edook, the first one only got settled.They are very particular about the quality of the candidate they share. One minor issue I felt that pay was few hundred up, but that's ok as long as I get an excellent education.Amazing experience with Edook.Strongly recommend 👍
Antima TiwariAntima Tiwari
11:37 28 Nov 22
My first Home tutor from Edook was not upto my expectations but they replaced it immediately and provided me with a much better one.My Science & Maths tuition classes r going pretty well.We have recommended Edook to many colleagues, no one complained yet.Amazing services, keep up the good work 😊👍
The BookwormThe Bookworm
04:47 17 Nov 22
Edook is a highly efficient and user-friendly platform, where I found the best tutors for my children! I was able to tell Edook the qualifications and other criteria I was looking for in the tutors, and it helped me connect with them. Highly recommended!
Pubali GuptaPubali Gupta
13:28 11 Nov 22
Poulomi is an excellent teacher! She provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. As a student, my daughter feels pushed to learn new things and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps her to improve. She got very good marks in every subjects. I’m very satisfied for my daughter’s education.Thank youWarm regardsP. Gupta ( parent of her student)

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After receiving your requirement, we will send you a confirmation mail with all the details mentioned in the next points.  

If we feel details are not properly filled or if any queries then we will ask you queries via WhatsApp or call.


After receiving the requirement from you, we start working on it & share the matching tutor profile in your WhatsApp, within 24hr.

Edook Tutor profile

We will share the best matching tutor profile with you. The profile will contain all the needful details about the selected tutor, like Qualifications, Experience, schooling, fee, etc. 

After the demo session, we take the feedback from parents & then wrap the pay formalities accordingly.

As per our past records, more than 98% of parents have liked the first tutor sent by us. In case of any issue in the worst scenario, we will instantly provide the replacement.

How we became the Highest rated tutor provider in Kolkata?

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Best home tutors near me

How Edook helps to provide best home tutor near me?

  • We take the tuition requirements from parents in detail & proceed with it as per their preferred learning needs.
  • Our tutors are chosen by stringent and multiple screening procedures, which help us to recruit faculties with the best potential.
  • We only provide Qualified, Verified and experienced Home tutors near you.
  • Our methodologies of imparting academic guidance are implemented after deep retrospect on what would be the best for the child involved. 
  • 11900+ Satisfied parents & 21000+ Registered tutors.
  • Highest Rated and Most trusted home tutor provider near you in Kolkata (4.9* on Google).
  • Trusted by parents, teachers & students from 20+ Cities across the globe.

 Our reviews of Hundreds of Parents & Students  

Can I get best home tutors near me?

Yes, Edook will connect you with top home tutor near your location. Whether you want to stay on track or soar ahead, give yourself the academic edge with our best private tutors near you. Call now to submit your Home Tuition requirements for Science, math, English, Hindi, Physics, chemistry, biology, geography, Bengali, history, Computer, etc classes by our excellent home tutors near you. 

Private tutor near me
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Our excellent private tutors near you are the key to your child’s academic success.
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FAQ (Parents/Students)

The tuition fee differs amongst tutors, as several factors are taken into consideration while setting the tuition fee. Fee for Private Tuition varies upon class, subjects, duration, location, etc. To know more about it, get in touch with us.

  • Our efficient and reliable home tutor supports the student with personalized attention as well as with diverse and unique study methods.
  • Additionally, it also develops learning skills and conducts weekly and monthly tests to keep an update of the students’ performance.
  • If your ward is introvert then it is an obvious thing that he or she will feel shy at opening up the doubts in the class. Thus, a free discussion with the home tutors makes it all easy for them.
  • Private tutors make learning easy and interesting.
  • Private educators encourage self-coordinated and self-guided learning such that your child can effectively partake in their school work.
  • The environment created by the tutor is completely free of distractions.
  • Home tutoring creates a notion of independence and makes your child much more responsible for studies.
  • It also helps to develop social as well as behavioral skills in students. Thus students can become a good communicator and adjust themselves according to the society.
  • Private tuition helps students to learn about time management as well as ways to plan for a goal in life.

We have seen that parents have to do a lot of research to get the best home tutorBut don’t worry, we at Edook is always present to help you. We are a home tutor agency in Kolkata and Delhi, that connected 10,000+ students with their ideal teachers. Feel free to contact us. Call/Whatsapp: 8240239538. 

The answer to this question is completely based on the type of student taking tuitions. Suppose your ward is studying in primary school. In this case, a single tutor may be sufficient to teach all the subjects.
But if your child is studying in a higher class then we recommend you to have multiple private tutors for multiple subject groups for a better understanding. Ex: (Science+Maths), (English + SST), etc. 

Generally, we find the best private tutor for your ward within a day (24hr). Contact us now to schedule a trial class with our subject expert.

After finalizing the suitable tutor as per your requirements, we send the tutor details in whatsapp. We at Edook use WhatsApp as the basic mode of communication. In addition to that, we are also compatible with using SMS, Email, and Call.

Yes, along with male home tutors we also provide female private tutors in Kolkata. As you know already that % of lady tutors traveling to student’s places is comparatively less. 

We provide one demo class. If you find the home tutor suitable for your child then we can begin tuition from that day.

After the confirmation of private tutor according to your requirements, he/she will call you at your suitable time.

The duration of a class lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours. But it can be modified according to your learning requirements. It can be discussed in our first call or after receiving the tutor profile.

Normal subject courses last as per the school course session i.e. for 1 year. We are also compatible with providing you private tutors for any duration of time. Contact us for quick revision course, Crash course, Vacation course, Topic wise course, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE etc courses.

One of the most common trends is Science and Math private tutor for thrice a week. However, it can be customized as per your subject requirement & need of the student.

You along with your ward’s private tutor can decide the day and time of the tuition at mutual comfort.

We at Edook follow multiple screening processes to find the best home tutor for your child. There is very less chance that you are going to face such an issue. But in case you face it, we will be finding you a suitable replacement within a day.

We do not charge anything extra from parents. you can submit ur tuition requirements for free.

In general, We take the first-month tuition fee from parents, and then from the second month, they can pay their home tutors directly. 

Pay terms vary as per tuition requirements, final term will be discussed beforehand with parents & tutors both, before starting the classes.

Every child is different, some are exceptionally good in studies while some are weak. We recommend private tuition to those students who are having a bit of trouble in self-study, need proper attention and care, and require an explanation in diverse ways.

Those who are very good in their study can take tuition classes for competitive exams & similar preparations. Ex: NTSE, KVPY, IMO, RMO, JEE mains, JEE advance, NEET, etc tuition classes are also provided by Edook.

The main role of a private tutor is to identify the weak zones of a student and work upon them to prevent any mistakes in the future. Not only this but a good tutor motivates and inspires his students to get success.

There are a lot of parents and students who have a doubt regarding private tutor and coaching centers. Let’s see how they are different.

  • If you have a private tutor for your ward then the teacher will come to your house. Thus, one need not go to coaching centers and waste their precious time.
  • Coaching centers consist of different students, thus the attention gets distributed but in private tutor, only one student is given full focus.
  • In coaching centers, your child needs to follow the pace of the group but having a private tutor makes them follow their natural pace.
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