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What is Edook?

Edook is the Highest rated & Most trusted Private Tuition Provider in Kolkata.
We are an online tutoring website in India.
During this pandemic, We have provided several online tuition classes in  India, USA, Canada & Dubai. We have got hundreds of five-star ratings and great reviews for being one of the most efficient online tuition provider.

If you are a parent who is worried about their child’s future, you have found the right stop.
We Only provide highly Qualified, Experienced, and Verified online tutors who are picked very carefully through a difficult selection process.

How our Online Home Tuition works for students?

Edook understands your preferences and helps your child in learning from the best online tutors near you. Click here to submit your Online tuition requirements. Give all your tuition worries on our shoulders. We promise you will appreciate the decision.

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We will send you a detailed profile of the best online tutor, according to your preferences. We do it within 24hr. It takes bit of time to ensure the quality, so that you don’t have to play trial game with many random online tutors.

online tuition classes in india

Once you approve the tutor profile, we will ask the tutor to call you. You and the tutor can schedule the demo class timing at mutual ease. For online tuition classes, you can use Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. Whatsapp/call us for any issue. 

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Our online tuition classes help students in discovering their Intelligence and growing academically. Edook’s tutoring methodologies are implemented after deep retrospect on what would be the best for the child involved. Click here to join the best online tuition classes in India.

Why Parents & Students love us?

Our mission is to help parents connect with the best online tutors, without going through dozens of random tutors.

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Apply Online, Learn Online

Allow us to Surprise you with our amazing service.

How we became the Highest rated tutor provider in Kolkata?

Some more Testimonials for our 5* Service

1900 +
Handpicked Private Tutors from 18400+ Registered tutors. Our tutors are from the most elite instituitions in Kolkata.
510 +
Satisfied Students/Parents made us the highest rated and most trusted Home tutor provider in Kolkata.
5 %
Students improved their marks in 2022 Exams. Contact us to Improve grade & knowledge.

10 Awesome Reasons To Choose Our Online Tuition Classes:

To provide you the best Online tutoring experience, we do one-to-one manual verification for each of our registered online tutors. We only provide Handpicked, Qualified & Experienced Subject Experts. Our trained online tutors bring a variety of interesting methods, which are proven to attract your child’s attention to studies. They provide them the best guidance. Our online tuition site assures a clear concept of subjects at a go which could be memorized by the student for a longer period of time.

Edook understands the worth of your money and the hard work you have put to earn it. We tend to deliver a proper mentorship at a reasonable rate which proves to be affordable to all parents. A cheaper yet quality approach to Online Tuition in India.

Our online tuition site saves the money that you have been investing in transportation while going to different tutors or buying expensive books.

Our online tuition classes also include free demo session. Based on our past reviews, 98% parents liked the Edook demo classes by the first Online tutor. Our sessions are interactive and you can freely ask doubts.

For any issue in the online demo classes, Immediate actions are taken and a substitute online tutor is provided instantly.

We provide a variety of online courses, ranging from primary education to higher secondary level. Our online tuition site provides dozens of CBSE/ICSE/ISC/IGCSE/IB courses. Edook is one-stop solution for all learning or tuition needs of students.

Edook is an easy way to find the most efficient and reliable online tuition from home, that too in a day (0-24hr). Edook encourages adaptive learning. Your children won’t have to carry the burden of their heavy books now. Neither will they have to waste their precious time and energy in traveling to study. 

Edook online tutors aim to empower your child’s learning ability. Your child develops skills and is capable of enhancing his or her performance by our unique methods of teaching in the online tuition classes.

You can have online tuition sessions according to your convenience and a preferable time slot. Students can replay the lectures and exercises held in our live classes for any number of times. Also, these online tuition sessions can be played on any device.

Feedback and reports based on the evaluations performed by our online tutors help you in keeping a record of your child’s improvement in the online tuition classes. 

Your child can resume his studies even in this lockdown period or any such further situations through our online tuition classes. Learning won’t be hindered due to any factor in our online tuition site.

Master the weak subject with our specialized online tutors near you. Edook is an online tuition website, which turns out to be very beneficial for students with issues in a particular subject. Get your doubts cleared with our subject experts & excel in exams. The facility of recording the online tuition classes helps your child in clearing doubts while revising.

online tuition near me

FAQ by Parents:

You won’t have to worry about finding the best online tuition classes for your child. You can put this hassle on our shoulders. Edook is always there to connect you with the best online tutors near you. It is the highest-rated tuition provider in Kolkata and providing online tutors all over the world. You can Call or Whatsapp us to tell all your tuition requirements.

Online tuitions in India are beneficial as these online classes reduce the pressure and distractions improving the quality of education. At the same time, the student gets the complete attention of the online tutor and is able to work on the aspects which need more attention. Online tuition websites are more flexible as there is almost no constraints. Students can continue to study without worrying about any kind of hindrance or inaccessibility in online tuition sites.

Online tuition fees vary according to the class, subjects, and the number of classes per week.
The tuition fees are different for different online tutors and depend on their experience & qualification. For further inquiry on the fee of online tuition classes, you can contact Edook without any hesitation. We are just a call away.

Online tuition websites reduce the cost of traveling to different teachers. Online tutors are also teaching from there own  You do not have to buy expensive books anymore as most of the online tuition provider supplies a study material. Mostly the cost incurred for online tuitions in India is pocket friendly and cost-effective. All the sectors of society can access online tuitions at an affordable price.

Results regarding online tuitions are dependent on various factors but the most essential factor is the hard work a student puts in. Successful results have been seen since the start of online tuitions and an in most of the cases an improvement is encountered because of the online tuitions. Though you can expect minimal inaccuracy at our end. Edook does its best in providing an online tutor who meets all your demands effectively. 

Online tuition classes are considered more convenient and more effective way of gaining knowledge. Students can learn from home at their ease and comfort without facing any hindrance. They are not tied to a fixed course or time schedule. Also, you can have an ample of time for other commitments. 

The number of studying hours varies according to the learner’s potential. Studying time depends on the course that the student is undertaking. A student will take more time for a subject in which he or she faces more issues. While less time will be consumed in case of subjects which are appealing and easier to study. However, a studying time of 1 to 2 hours is recommended on an online tuition site which may extend during examinations.

You can connect to the ideal online tutor within a day or two based on your current need and expectations. At Edook online tutors are immediately available if you want. Demo online tuition classes are given by the online tutors for your complete assurance.

In case a tutor has to discontinue the online classes due to any reason which is less likely, you are soon provided with a substitute online tutor mostly within a day. Edook takes the total responsibility of such incidents and can assure you that you won’t be facing any inconvenience at our online tuition site.

online tuition near me
online tuition in India

online tuition classes in india

Find Best Online tutor near you

Online tuition classes in India is capable of bringing a revolution in the education sector of our country. One can just type ” online tuition near me ” and with one click get a list of online tuition sites. But the question arises which online tuition site to choose?
We at Edook aim to provide a prosperous future for your child with the help of our well trained and experienced online tutors near you.

Our main objective is to present before you the ideal online tutor for your child according to your need who can keep up to your expectations. Manual verification is done for each of these tutors. 

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Online tuition classes
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