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Best home tutors in kolkata

In the modern world, private tutoring is becoming one of the most profitable markets all across the globe. With the increase of competition in every aspect of life, parents are becoming much more conscious about their child’s education.

“Demand is closely followed by supply”

With more and more children seeking private tutoring, tutors who find it quite interesting have taken up the profession with passion. But before taking tutoring as a profession, it is essential that you possess the abilities that is required for becoming a full-time or a part time tutor.

Do you know what would lead you to your success as a private tutor? It is the perfect mix of the three Ps i.e. professionalism, perseverance, and passion to deliver!

Private tutors are those with whom students find it easier to relate to and reach out to without any hesitation. They help their student to analyze a problem with a different perspective.

“But a word of caution!”

If you are joining the profession of tutoring only to earn a few extra dimes, it is best you should not join the clan. Your success will be for a short period of time as you are entering for the wrong reason.

If you have agreeable answers for all the questions given below, then you are on the right path of success.

  • Do you have the qualifications to become a tutor?
  • Do you love teaching children?
  • Sometimes you may be required to devote extra time and attention. Are you ready for it?
  • Are there any subjects that are you proficient in?

    “Today I will value conversations with my students, listening attentively to every word.”                             

Students are the foremost priority of a tutor. A tutor should never escape him/her from their duties and from working hard. A few simple tips to becoming an accomplished tutor are:

  • Love your work.
  • Let money not be a priority.
  • Carefully plan your classes.
  • Engage the interest of your students.
  • Interact with the parents of your students and welcome their feedback.
  • Finesse your teaching abilities
  • Work with parents as a team.
  • Do not have an arrogant approach.

    “There is no failure, only feedback”

Tutoring jobs in India can be extremely financially rewarding if one is sincere and honest in his/her deliverance. The most profitable aspects of tutoring jobs depends highly on your subject specialization. There are several tutoring jobs available in Kolkata where one can apply.

EDOOK is one of the best tuition agencies in Kolkata but there are a few requisites needed for home tutor registration in EDOOK, as we consider our faculty to be our greatest strength.

To join EDOOK and start to get tutoring jobs in Kolkata, every tutor is required to go through a stringent screening process. Only after we are completely satisfied that the applicant is legible to take up tutor job, we shall include them in our network of providing the best online tutoring jobs.


FAQ (Home Tutors)

Go to our website www.edook.in and click on Become a Tutor. After that fill your details carefully and click on the Submit button.


After you have registered in Edook you will get a mail. Follow the mail to find private tuition jobs vacancies near you.

The answer to this question depends completely on the amount of time and dedication you can contribute in home tutoring. We at Edook have got reputed home tutors who are making 25 to 30k just by spending few hours per day.

This totally varies according to the subject. Generally, science and math tuition takes 2 to 3 days per week for a particular student.

Yes, you can apply for home tutor jobs in Edook.

Yes, you have to go to the students’ home to provide home tutors. However, in some rare cases students can also come to your house for tuition.

Some of the best places to provide home tutor in Kolkata are New Town, Salt Lake, Dumdum and South Kolkata.

After getting a tuition from Edook you can make the payment in two ways. You can pay us the first month fee either once or in two parts according to your convenience.

We post the vacancy of home tuition jobs in our Facebook and WhatsApp group regularly. So be updated with the post and whenever you feel compatible with the subject and the location just contact us.

No we charge no registration fees.

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