Mastering the art of tutoring: Non-teaching tips for unforgettable classes

Tutoring tips & techniques

Tutoring tips & techniques: 5 Essential Classroom Etiquette

Hello, phenomenal tutors!
Let’s delve into the integral non-teaching aspects that elevate the Edook tuition class experience to extraordinary heights.
If followed well, these tips can increase your bond with parents & students, which will ensure the long-term continuation of the tuition classes.

1. The Mobile Mingle: A Distraction-Free Zone in Class 📵

Envision a movie without disruptions – that’s our goal in classes! While we cherish our phones, let’s stow them away during class hours. No personal calls, texts, or social media adventures. Our focus must remain on an uninterrupted learning experience. Let’s craft a space where students are engaged, and every moment contributes to their educational journey. Any personal work must be avoided during tuition hours. 

2. Punctuality: The Secret to Consistent Class Schedules ⏰

Please set fixed time slots at mutual convenience. Once established, adhere to the schedule professionally. Punctuality isn’t merely about being on time; it’s about laying the foundation for an enriching experience. It establishes the atmosphere for a productive and organized learning environment.

3. Advanced Notice for Class Changes ❌:

Surprise cancellations or last-minute changes can be disruptive for students. Ensure you inform well in advance with a suitable solution. Consider this as an emergency tool, sparingly used. For instance, if you’re unwell, notify parents well before the class time. Timely communication is key to maintaining trust.

4. Sprinkling Positivity: The Tutor’s Enchanting Touch 🌈

Avoid any form of negativity, taunts, anger, or frustration towards students. Our classes are dedicated to fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere. A smile, a word of encouragement – become the beacon of positivity in your student’s learning journey. Our words possess the power to inspire and uplift.

5. Effective Communication with Parents & Edook 🤝:

Communication is the bond that unites us. Until tuition is fully settled, provide updates after each step, and post-settlement, keep parents informed about the child’s progress and test performance. An open dialogue ensures we navigate this educational adventure together, fostering collaboration.

5. Write dates :

To help everyone stay organized and avoid any mix-ups, please write down your class dates at the back of the student’s copy or any place accessible to both parents and teachers. Also, keep track of test dates, what the tests cover, and how well the student did.
For cash payments, kindly ensure to sign and indicate the payment date on the same attendance sheet. In the case of online payments, as the date is automatically recorded, this step can be omitted.

Be the Distinguished Edook Star 🌟
You’re not just educators; you’re ambassadors of inspiration and knowledge. Your commitment to these Tutoring tips & techniques sets Edook apart. Let’s cultivate an environment where education transforms into an unforgettable journey!

Happy tutoring, and here’s to unlocking countless success stories together! 🚀👩‍🏫

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