Revision Tips for Exams (Popular + Unorthodox) -2024 updated

Revision Timetable

You have completed all your classes, submitted all your assignments, read your subjects and have come to the end of your academic session.

Now you need to go with your FINAL EXAMS!!

During my schooling period, I faced a lot of problems while revising my subjects. I guess today also many are facing the same. Thus, I thought of dropping a blog that will guide you for an effective revision.

Let’s begin with some tips on revision for exams.

Table of Contents:-

1. The i111 technique

 Before dealing with this revision tip let us know its background story.

It was Doctor Ebbinghaus, a German Psychologist who founded that whenever someone memorizes some topic, some of its parts remains inside the brain but some of them gets vanished within an hour.

You will feel like you know everything about that topic but it’s not true.

So to overcome this there is a new way of effective revision and that is the i111 technique. It stands for Immediate One One One revision technique.

According to this, whenever you feel that you have completed to memorize your chapter give an immediate revision to it. Revise the chapter again after one day then again after one week and then again after one month. This way it will get embedded in your brain for a longer period of time.

2. Some Unorthodox revision tips       

  • Here, the first one that I will advise you about is to record yourself while reciting equations, dates or quotes and listen to them whenever you get time, like while at the gym while cooking or having an evening stroll to the supermarket.

    Revision Timetable

  • Now, this one is a bit crazy idea but trust me, it gives amazing results. The idea is to wear a particular perfume for a particular module and wear the same one on the day of the exam of that module. Several researches have proved that this technique helps to refresh your memory.
  • Readout your chapters loudly in different voices or accents. Whenever you will try to recall the facts you’ll recollect the accent and afterward ideally the fact as well.

3. Get a quiet space to study

I think this tip on revision is the straightforward one: you urgently need a spot where you can be continuous for a couple of hours.

Get a quite Space to study

Your room is the best option. Make sure that your room is not located near a noisy atmosphere, like your drawing room where your family members as well as the guests come and talk. If that is the case then go for some quiet space in your house.

The second option which you have is your school or local library. You can even enjoy revising your chapters along with your school friends.

4. Make a revision timetable

Researchers have shown that short spells of 30 to 45 minutes are the best ones because the concentration levels are much higher during it.
Therefore for an effective revision, I will highly recommend you to take short breaks for up to 5 to 10 minutes after completing a spell. During these short breaks, you can just close up your eyes and do a complete recap of the topics which you just studied.

5. Summary notes for an Effective Revision

While revising a subject there is a lot to study. It’s an obvious thing, right…I mean you are covering the entire course of a year in just a day or two. And I agree with the fact that keeping everything in your head is not that easy.

The best way which I found to memories all those information was by making notes. Built-up a habit in yourself to make notes over and over again.

It may seem to be a completely tedious job but all the candidates who are high scorer make two to three sets of same notes while revising their subjects over a period of time.

 6. Solve several past papers

Today most of the boards are giving stress on exam techniques. If you are making yourself familiarized with past years’ exam questions and pattern then it will save a lot of your time. In addition to that, you can earn marks which will provide you a good total.

You can ask your teacher or even google for past year papers over the Internet.

When you have solved four to five past year papers chances are that some of the questions will look familiar. This is a very effective revision tip that should be done by everyone. If you need any help in solving papers, we at Edook connects you with Best home tutor near you. Click here to Submit your learning requirements

7. Flavor up your revision

Try to be colorful!!

One of my favorite ways to make revision spicy is by making colorful summary notes. A recent scientific study concluded the fact that color influences learning, emotions and productivity.

We have got a number of colors then why shall we go with only black and white!!

Give it a try and I swear that you are going to love it.

8. Morning time is the Revision time

Now this one is for a particular class of people. To be very honest with you all, I am an early riser. From my childhood it’s my habit and starting the day with my subjects is one of the best things.

You need to make a beginning eventually and doing it as soon as possible is an excellent thought. Researches have also proved that there is a greater chance for you to carry out all the planned jobs if you start early because as time passes and you get closer to evening, there is a higher propensity to get outside.

But on the other side, if you are a night owl then also it’s absolutely fine. You can go with anything that suits you.

9. Take help from your friends and families

You have gone through your subjects and have got all the notes ready.

Now, it’s a good time for you to give a test and get feedback to judge yourself. For this, you can ask your mum, your dad, your siblings or even your friends.

It will not only help you in brushing up your knowledge but also provide you a break from the hard work.

10. Exercise

Getting indulged in some physical activity is one of the most important things to do during intense study time.

Letting yourself for a little 30-minute run following a day of revision will have a tremendous effect on your prosperity.

When you perform physical activity your heart rate gets increased which results in faster circulation of the blood. Thus your brain gets more oxygen leading to an increase in the productivity and the reduction of stress and tiredness.

11. Reward yourself after an Effective Revision

Let me quote something for you – “One who can figure out the correct balance between leisure and study are

the ones who can become the top scorer.”

Life is not about working hard all the time; your body needs a break to function properly. For instance, you can try going to a movie theatre with your friends after having a good revision or you can even treat yourself with sweets.

Believe me guys – “Work Hard and Play Hard”.

12. Be Positive

Some great people have said that being positive and optimistic is the key to success. How much hard you study, if you have a negative mindset of losing then you are definitely going to lose.

But a positive attitude added up with your hard work will definitely deliver some amazing results.

Thank you so much for going through my article. I hope these tips on revision will benefit you in your upcoming final exams. Happy Studying and Best of Luck.

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