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5 Things You Need To Know, If Your Daughter Is Going To High School In 2023!

Girls standing on the threshold of their teenage years undergo unforeseen metamorphosis.

They want to create their own identity and social acceptance.

They want others to accept the cognitive and physical changes within them with ease.

As they recognize their potential they gradually step out of the comfort zone their parents have created for them.

Indeed it is a time of growth, of facing challenges!

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High school may be exciting yet cause trifle anxiety in your daughters. You as parents may find it difficult to cope with the transformations you witness in their daughters. They may leave you feeling perplexed and with a lost sense of purpose as a parent. Thus, it is essential that you understand the facets of the changes your daughters stand on the brink of when becoming eligible for secondary school.

As parents, all you can do is to hang in there and understand when to let them go and when to hold on to your instincts of keeping them safe.

Girl High School

1.Physical Changes:

Physical changes

Girls undergo several physical changes on reaching their teens that make them hesitant. Their hormonal changes, change the shape of their body and affect them emotionally. Their pubertal change i.e. menstruation makes them shy away from people.

Her thought process becomes complex and heart -to- heart conversations can only help her to emerge out of their shell to become confident and feel pride in being a woman.

2. Behavioral Changes:

Girls are easily influenced, by their friends, regarding their looks and interests, at this age. They do all that makes them fit in with their friends. Right clothes, right accessories and the right attitude! They want to spend more time with their friends and less time with their family.

As parents, avoid any panic as this change is transitory. It is short-term and will eventually slow down. Help your daughters to make the right choices. Keep on with your healthy criticisms. It will keep them conscious of your approval.

3. Personality Changes:

Suddenly your daughters may try to feign maturity and supersede you. 

They may become irritable and rebellious for no reason and impose their independent decisions on you. She may experience an array of emotions or  may be merry at times or brood in silence, during others.

Let them be independent but handle their stubbornness firmly.

Advise them but do not be over aggressive in imposing your beliefs.

Be positive while dealing with their personal problems and social presence.

4. Social Changes:

Your daughter may be intensely lured to tabooed pleasures- smoking, drinking, and other activities and easily or under peer pressure succumb to them.

They may start hiding things and avoiding your presence in their lives.

They may try to alienate themselves from what is real and opt for the attractive yet virtual world.

Social networking sites may become an integral part of their life, distracting them from their beliefs.

As parents, you might feel scared. But do not give up on your girls.

Understand that they are being led to these pleasures out of curiosity, out of a rebellion to become socially acceptable and do things that adults do.

Your calm demeanor will stabilize their outlook and morally enhance their internal perspectives.

Let your daughters harness the potentials of technology. Do not be critical.

They learn to research and collaborate through gadgets in present education scenario.

Help them discipline their life by incorporating a lenient yet routine discipline.

5. Academic Changes:

Your daughters may start procrastinating and run from their classes and routine. They may find studies monotonous and lose their focus and their perseverance to achieve goals. Their grades may decline. The pressure of disciplined studies may take a toll on them making them squander their opportunities.

You will have to explain to them that High school like any other experience of life is filled with upheavals.

They will have to set goals that will help them get good grades.

Make them realize that running away from this hard work will only hold them back, later in life. Stand with them during their tentative planning and help them attend classes however boring they are.

It’s a new beginning that will help them to make choices in life.

Let them do something other than core studies. Let them participate or volunteer for community services/ sports so that they can feel rejuvenated.

They have to learn to be organized, to meet deadlines, and to manage between school, extracurricular, and personal obligations without slacking in any field.

As parents, all you can do is understand when to let your children go and when to hold on to your instincts which keep them safe.

Give them a little trust.
It won’t cost a thing, believe me, it will only bring you closer to them.

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