How Suman’s mark jumped from 55% to 87% ?

tips to improve grades

11 Tips to improve grades in 2020

Each student has a unique intelligence quotient which cannot be compared. We need definite measures to determine their educational accomplishments. Thus, we have introduced the grading system as the measure to determine the academic intelligence of students. To increase your % it is essential that you follow the suggested tips to improve grades.

You will observe a significant improvement in your grades if you gradually adopt the given methodologies.

1. Make Notes-

Listening attentively to the teacher during the class helps you to perform better. Start making notes of what you hear during the lectures.

Rewrite the notes to organize them into reference study material.

By developing this habit you will begin to retain the study material and conduct better during your exams. It helps in quick revision during finals.

2. Water on Study table :

Drink water during study

Bring water to your study table and keep drinking it in every short break you take from the study.

Water makes up about 80 percent of the brain and is essential in neurological transmissions.  Poor hydration affects mental performance and learning ability by reducing the brain’s ability to transmit and receive information.

Studies show that once thirst is felt, mental performance including memory, attention and concentration decreases by as much as 10 percent. Increased dehydration will cause even greater loss of mental performance.

3. Time Management-

Use time at your hand wisely and avoid procrastination.

Do you study for hours without taking a break? Break out of this habit. It is the wrong strategy.

Strike a balance between your studies and your time off. Do not let it become monotonous. Do not get too pressurized. It will deteriorate your performance. Whenever you feel mentally exhausted, close your books and enjoy. Watch television, go out, and refresh yourself to tackle the next set of studies.

Another simple tip is to complete the difficult tasks in the beginning. You will feel confident and an easy task would seem like a piece of cake, thereafter.

Have you ever tried to break lengthy assignments or papers into smaller parts? Start doing it. Complete each small section as an individual section and notice the difference.

It will improve your concentration level tremendously.

4. Magic of the Textbook-

If you do not study from the textbook, it needs to change. They are an essential source of information and provided for a referral to help you to understand intricate work easily. Go through the chapters thoroughly, note down the important points, and make a summary of the chapter so that you know it well.

5. Do not hesitate-

Are you often silent during the class?

Do you hesitate to clarify concepts that you do not understand? Quit this habit.

Communicate your confusion to your tutor.

It is extremely important to clear your notions. Ask repeatedly until you are satisfied. No teacher will refuse to help you with your studies. An inquisitive student who shows interest in their work is appreciated by all teachers.

6. Test Practice-

Have you heard the saying, practice makes a man perfect? Well, apply it for excellence in your academics. Learn your course well but solve various test papers to gain command and fluency. This practice helps a student solve test papers without any nervousness thereby paving the way for better grades.

7. Study and study hard-

It is essential to make consistent efforts and put in time into your studies. A few hours of daily revision is a prerequisite for exemplary grades. Study often but for shorter periods. Indulge in group studies if it helps you but without getting distracted or wasting time.

Once you accomplish your work notice how it raises your spirits and your confidence.

8. Work on your writing skills-

Write, edit, and proofread!

To improve your writing ability and spontaneity in answers, it is vital that you write often. Recheck your work and rewrite it until you gradually start using better vocabulary and reduce spellings errors. This will enhance your answer framing skills.

9. Every paper has a place-

Organize all your test papers, your homework, your study material methodically and keep them in a proper place. If they are in an orderly manner, studying becomes easy.

It is strenuous to search for study material during exams or tests if they are not systematic. You might overlook some important matters and lose out on marks.

10. Interact with your mentors-

It would be beneficial if you look up to your educators as your partners rather than as adversaries. Trust their knowledge and their guiding skills. Interact with them and develop a comfort level with them so that you can resolve your queries without any hesitation.

11. No distractions during class-

Do not entertain any distracting thoughts or activities during the class even if the lectures are boring. Do not find excuses to bunk classes rather participate in the class discussions actively.

Attendance and concentration during the class help students to recall their lectures when they later revise their work.

We at Edook imbibe these tips in our strategies. We inculcate self-dependence in each of our students.  Helping them to discover their caliber, we witness the gradual transformation in their grades.

For us each student is special.

To emerge as an outstanding student, join us and grow with us academically.

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